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2018年9月1日 : Holiday notice
2018年8月4日 : 8Announcements for holidays in February
August holiday notice

7Day(Fire)Sales by 8.()We will be closed
13.14,.15, the summer holidays

Followed by a hot day, but your bodies healing
2018年7月18日 : Notice of change of closed and open
Thanks was opened one year and today. Your patronage and support this is this is a gift.

7Mon closed, opening hours will be changed. And alcohol for the evening sales, which also begin. Thank you in the future.

Closed on Tuesday
10 operating hours:00~15:00 17:30-21:00
2018年3月27日 : Notice of spring menu

Menus feel bamboo shoot food such as spring begins today.
Please visit us!
2017December 1st. : HP completed reports

Once again, RIM Cafe Tenjin forest website has been completed. Near gyokuro-no-Sato, I to went reported.