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It is a retreat-style café-restaurant located 100 m south of the fujieda gyokuro-no-Sato.
Offers in tea grown in the tea production the famous agricultural products using the "mother of the country cuisine".

Seat at the table, tatami, counter seating are available. At your choice, you can unwind and relax.

Border Cafe is "good sellers" and "buyers!" of the "public good" win is important to.



Frequently asked questions

Please tell me the hours of operation.
Usually a 10:00-is 17:00.
11:30~14:30(O.S's lunch) my will.

Please tell me the rest.
Every week is a Friday.
Others will inform on the BLOG homepage.

Do you have parking?
8Cars can be parked.

Do you have time?
It isn't. Please visit us at any time.